Stores SigMann

To find the dealer nearest you please select the 'area on the map and send an contact us to address matching, indicating the collection of interest to you. Our sales department will inform the store that can best meet your needs.

SigMann stores are independent distributors, exclusive dealers in China and the brand SigMann selected for their professionalism.





North China,Southwest China Stores:


Place Area(㎡) shopping mall/store
Kunming 420 shopping mall
Yuxi 300 store
Mengzi 450 store
Qujing 350 store
Dali 430 store
Chuxiong 210 store
Wenshan 320 store
Mile 190 store
Chengdu 248 shopping mall
Deyang 174 store
Nanchong 280 shopping mall
Yibin 245 shopping mall
Leshan 260 store
Tianjin 120 shopping mall
Beijing 100 shopping mall
Langfang 281 shopping mall
Baoding 210 store
Renqiu 180 shopping mall
Tianshui 260 shopping mall
Zhengzhou 353 shopping mall
Kaifeng 280 shopping mall