Established in 1993,Shenzhen Debao-SigMann Intelligent Home Co.,Ltd is one of the earliest high–end kitchen cabinet manufacturer in China. Its industry covers an area of 80,000 square meters, owned to and built by Debao. Factory monthly production capacity is 100,000 sets. With increasing popularity of Debao’s products in China, in 2005, Debao introduced the German brand SigMann, which is one of the German high-class kitchen and home brand, belonging to the Valensio International (German), Co.,Ltd. In this year, Debao’s classic kitchen cabinet made from oak solid wood became the industry benchmark. For a while, intergrated and Germany styled kitchen attain great attention in furniture industry. 

Debao not only has the greatest German-made production equipment such as the German computer panel cutting machine, Edge machine, Italy, single-chip CNC but also rigorous process system. With the exquisite craftsmen, Debao is rewarded a lot of certificates. Meantime, Debao forms a strategic relationship with world well brand accessories such as Blum. and dispatches R & D personnel to explore the classic design elements every year and successfully develops a highly global vision of the integrated kitchen cabinets, such as Canada maple. 

Competing in the market with exquisite craftmanship, Debao has successfully exported products to overseas countries and regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, from which many great enterprise give recognition to Debao such as Hafele from Australia In 2008, the chairman of Debao was greeted by New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke.


By introducing Concept of “integral kitchen cabinets”,launched the Chinese kitchenrevolution; Import Italy poweredsaw, drill machine, electricity trigger squeeze, German Holzmaedge bander, Edge Bonding machine; It is the earliest modern factory in China.
The developed and manufactured ultraviolet reye board cabinet leads the environment protection trend for paint without benzene; apply the front water manger plate on the bench and the water drop line detail technology in the leading industries. 
Developed, designed and manufactured plastic absorption door plate cabinet becomes a new trend in the market; popularize the popular materials and the health and environmental protection ideas in the kitchen of China. 
The pioneer who has spreadedthe promotion of franchisingbusiness model. Debao familykitchen cabinet has become thefirst franchising business brandnation-wide in kitchen industry.
The launched fireproof cabinet is favored by the excellent high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and strong anti-scratch performance; in the cabinet, apply European hardware fittings (such as concealed suspension stacking, quickly disassembled hinge and Hettich luxurious drawer), 1mm thick side sealing, 5cm thick bench and 45-degree side sealing chambering, and more human-centered designs are combined. 
We launched NAIMITE polishing cabinet is favored by the modern noble with lofty, cool and elegant styles; the launched European cabinets are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard cabinet, and production, pricing and sales are scientific and transparent. 
Develop the MDF covered veneer cabinets series, was welcomed by the masses of customers; The introduction of large-scale Italian Blister Machine, CNC carving machine; Can make more beautiful carve dawing as customer’s request
Launch the Grouchy painting cabinet with strong vision, which is favored by consumers pursuing advanced consumers. 
Launch the metallic board cabinet representing the modern kitchen trend and fashion most, which is deeply favored by individualized person; develop the arc concealed patent design, and it is still popular. 
Debao was elected as the GreenAlliance director of decorativebuilding unit in Guangdongprovice, with the European qualityassurance certification bodies toverify quality standardsISO90012000/EN ISO9001:2000
The developed and manufactured classic plastic absorption cabinet is extensively praised with thick art atmosphere; awarded “corporate with credit rating of AAA on quality, service and goodwill of China” by the market research center in China. 
The launched Dekker teak cabinet was very popular for the staff eager for respecting the nature and for relaxing; the Germany HOMAG large-sized electric cutting saw, and over 90% working procedures depend on the internationally advanced professional equipment. 
Classic Oak cabinets was known as the industry benchmark; Awarded “ The best represents 25years in shenzhen business card” “ The most potential Furniture Brand”; The products was rated green environmental protection products.
The scale painting Germany countryside style cabinet was awarded “innovation award for classics of the best cabinet” in the MAX Cup the 1st session of the cabinet design competition; “the most favored brand of the cabinet industry by consumers in 2006” and the “most influential brands of the cabinet industry in China in 2006”. 
The designed and researched European royal classic cabinet was exhibited in Guangzhou, Xiamen and Las Vegas of the United States and concerned, and the surprising performance was obtained; awarded “the golden award of the cabinet industry in 2007”, “top 10 brands of cabinet industry in China in 2007” and “the best credit brand of cabinet industry in China in 2007”. 
Develop the integral kitchen cabinets with the dedicated TV; “The most brand value in Chinese ambry industry in 2008” The chairman Mr. Li Shanxiang had been interviewed by Helen Clark who is prime minister of New Zealand. Develop the high- end integral wardrobe for household
With the concept of the brand-new opening kitchen design, create is natural and simple kitchen space with the natural and elegant styles and materials of white oak from Europe; awarded “corporate of the cabinet industry in China with credit rating AAA”, “corporate with outstanding contribution in the kitchen furniture industry in China in the past 20 years”, “corporate with the most influence for kitchen furniture in 2009”. Launch private cellar to be favored by the cellar staff and treasure class. 
Referring to the “BMW” design concept, apply the modern high-end cabinet with fashionable arc door board, lofty and flexible; awarded “demonstration brand for low-carbon and environmental protection”; “top 10 valuable brands of cabinet in China”. 
Was known as : “the leadingbrand in Chinese quality ambryindustry”; Develop the winecellar project to completing therange of furniture in household;
The products are upgraded, and innovative adjustment is applied to material application, appearance design, product fittings and etc. Inherit the corporate operation, integrate the innovation and product upgrading, and Sigmann’s internationalization operation field becomes clear; awarded the “trustworthy body by consumers” 
Over 20 years produce andservice experience, our companystand on the new beginning;Sigmann will show the valuedwardrobe to all over the China
Over 20 years produce and service experience, our company stand on the new beginning; Sigmann will show the valued wardrobe to all over the China;
Complete the consumption link,establishing standards forenterprise products and service toguarantee the quality of theproduct safety and integrity
With 23 years of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, vanity and wine rack supplying to Asia, to America, Debao inherits noble life with Germany style noble kitchen and leads the new fashion of public with its brand new status. Debao is not only a provider of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, and wine cellar but also an leader of new life.
Sigmann is awarded with"2017 Guangdong Province Cabinet Ingenuity Award".
The joining of the listed company Zhejiang Yongqiang Group has greatly promoted the development of SigMann and made products for export at domestic prices.
Invested 1.5 billion yuan in Hanchuan, Hubei, and strived to build a new industrial 4.0 intelligent production base. Create a lean production model, strengthen management, optimize processes and increase production capacity.