SigMann engages in inheriting the "Exalted cabinets" brand concept to the world and is striving for the high-quality persons’ "Exalted cabinets". We have requirements on detail of each product and service and have formed sound brands and goodwill, 

Germany quality, beware of imitations, always being imitated, never beyond 

SigMann is originated from the international high-standard detail technology, 90% equipment imported from Germany for fine manufacturing, 70% of the main materials from Germany, internal quality guarantee, deemed as "BMW" in the cabinet industry in China. Some illegal commercial tenants breakthroughs the sound business order in China to imitate the SigMann brand to manufacturing the low-quality and faked products and infringe the Exalted cabinets customers' rights and interests. For such a purpose, the special report and complaint line is opened:

0755-88863666\27258686 and the free service hotline 400-630-1166 or 800-830-1166, the special complaint email box: for awarded complaint.

As for those complaining the fake which is proved true, SigMann China Headquarters will award RMB 3 thousand yuan. If consumers complain which is proved to be true, in addition to a replacement from the original manufacturer, SigMann China Headquarters will award the complainer RMB 5 thousand yuan.