“Customer foremost, creating exquisite” is each SigMann native’s ideal pursuit. You can enjoy SigMann’s excellent services after you buy SigMann’s products. The sales staff of the franchised store listens to your opinions, answers your questions, offers you sincere suggestions and extends care to each corner of the kitchen.  

SigMann national free call 400-630-1166 or 800-830-1166 and after-sales service hotline 0755-27258686. 
“Make SigMann’s customers worry-free” is our solemn commitment to each customer. We spare no efforts in the doing pre-sales and in-sales service well and reducing after-sales services. 

One-year free repair and lifelong maintenance.
In case of any quality problems within 1 year under customers’ regular use, we are responsible for repairing or replacing (repairing unavailable) with the same kind of the products. If the one-year warranty expires, we will charge costs in accordance with the unified charging standards based on specific situations. 
SigMann’s products are made of advanced technology and raw materials of Germany, and customers are not allowed to disassemble and install the products. The Company is not liable for any problems arising from the customers’ disassembly and installation. 
Customers shall properly keep the original purchasing materials of SigMann’s products, such as warranty card, orders (contract) and etc. The one-year warranty service will be rejected if relevant materials are missing. 

Personal, dedicated calling and professional services 
In case of incurrence of SigMann’s products during use, such as cracking of bench or water leakage of water tap, please immediately call the Company’s sales network point, and track of sound information can be collected. 
All customers’ complaints shall be provided with special persons for handling. On the directly controlled stores, the customers only offer the complaints to the sales stores to contact the door-to-door repair; on dealers, the customers only offer the complaints to the sales points, which give the information to the Company’s After-Sales Service Department. Tand handle within 3 working days. We specify that: all customers’ maintenance requests shall be replied and handled within 3 working days, and we will perform door-to-door maintenance after obtaining the customers’ opinions. 

The Company’s After-sales Department will pay return visit on after-sales services or door-to-door maintenance irregularly to ensure that our products can be used normally and the collection he After-sales Service Department will deliver the problems to the competent bodies to make analysis and offer the feedback to ensure that the problems can be solved properly, quickly and efficiently.