Why is the new Chinese style furniture so popular?

Under the traditional aesthetic norms, modern materials and techniques are used to interpret the classic essence of traditional Chinese culture, so that furniture not only has an elegant and elegant Chinese atmosphere, but also has obvious modern features. Such furniture is called new Chinese furniture. .


With the development of market economy, consumers' good educational background and increasingly personalized values, the expectations for furniture products and service levels are getting higher and higher, and the furniture market has also entered into product breakdown, market segmentation, and commercial circles. In the subdivided marketing stage, the Chinese-style furniture business is also gradually extending to the direction of home culture. Enterprise specialization, product serialization and market segmentation will be the development trend of the furniture industry. Under such an era background, new Chinese style furniture was proposed and led the trend of furniture design.


From the aspect of the characteristics of furniture style, the new Chinese style furniture has the common characteristics of other styles of furniture: unity and diversity, time and stability, regionality and globality. The new Chinese style furniture design simplifies many things in form. It uses simple geometric shapes to represent objects, but it does not appear out of nowhere. It evolved on the basis of the experience of the ancients and was derived from its essence and beyond. What is expressed in the form and in modern ways is the result of the modern evolution of ancient furniture.

New Chinese style furniture should include two basic contents: First, the cultural significance of Chinese traditional furniture in the context of the current era; Second, the contemporary design based on the full understanding of contemporary Chinese culture. It is a reference to aesthetic tastes in the modern era with the cultural background of modern globalization. It is not only different from traditional and contemporary all other styles, but also has a new conceptual furniture design with typical Chinese cultural characteristics and wide adaptability. Its characteristic is that it contains the cultural significance of Chinese traditional furniture on the basis of modern style.
Due to the traditional Chinese style that dominates the Chinese style decoration style, the national style is very strong, especially in the color tone, with Zhu Hong, Blush, coffee as the main color, so the Chinese style of decoration is particularly solemn. The solemn color is dominant, and the design is naturally quiet and elegant. Therefore, the Chinese style decoration still has one of the biggest features and selling points.