Sigmann project announcement project approval

According to the "Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Public Participation Measures for Environmental Impact Assessment" (Organization of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment) No. 4 and other laws and regulations, the information on the environmental impact assessment of construction projects will be released to the public.
The construction unit is responsible for the authenticity of the information released, and will modify and improve the relevant content of the environmental impact report of the project based on public feedback.

First, the main content of the public notice before the approval
1. Construction project name: Hanchuan Yongqiang Sikman Smart Home New Factory Construction Project
2. Construction unit name: Hubei Yongqiang Sikman Smart Home Co., Ltd.
3. Name of the EIA document preparation unit: Wuhan Huashang Tonghui Technology Co., Ltd.
4. Project construction site: Hanchuan Economic Development Zone
5. The full text of the environmental impact report to be submitted for approval and the network link for public participation: (extraction code: hrrq).
6. Network link for the public opinion form of the environmental impact assessment of the construction project:

Second, the way and way the public puts forward opinions
The public can provide feedback to the construction unit by telephone, email, fax, letter, etc. When the public submits their opinions, they should provide effective contact information.
Contact: Wu Zong
Mailing address: Xinsan Road, Hanchuan Economic Development Zone, Hubei
Contact number: 13958550665

Third, other
For the relevant personal information submitted by the public, the construction unit will not be used for purposes other than public participation in environmental impact assessment, and may not be disclosed without the permission of the relevant person of personal information. Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.