Langcheng·Jiangnan Villa

Project address: Langcheng·Jiangnanshu
Design Type: High Level
Product customization: Debao Sigmann full house customization


Sigmann Bright White Paint Heidelberg
Vibrant tradition and modern hybrid
Simple design of the entry cabinet with clean lines
Give people a new look
Not too much modeling
Create a modern and simple home experience

living room

The living room is decorated with classic black and white gray tones, Dali’s TV background wall, and bright white painted TV cabinets, which outline the atmosphere and calm space.

There are no complicated carvings, with a partition of Bavarian walnut, which separates the world from the open living space. The texture of the wood retains the elegance and simplicity of modernity.

The bookcase uses Heidelberg's bright white painted door panels, combined with Bavarian cabinets, and an open design that creates a sleek, literary atmosphere in a quiet setting.